this game is a prison. the thing inside just wants to hurt you. don't play it.

made for eevee's game jam, GAMES MADE QUICK! i'm sorry to say this is not a fun game - be warned.

i dedicate this game to eevee, opa-opa, and poketto, for helping me to believe in myself, and without whom this game would simply not exist.

Published Jan 17, 2017
GenreRole Playing
Made withTwine


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"Oh, I know you"

that was a really clever (and unsettling) way of skipping the intro, good job

"and without whom this game would simply not exist."

oh no

what have i done

i can't figure out how to get any other endings!! ARGH

this is so good though, and shows just a tiny glimpse of what twine can be, changing the very way i read it. amazing